The 11 Most Overused Words in the Wellness World 

A Rosetta Stone for every time someone casually tells you they just had a "major intuitive hit”.

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Of the many ways we can express ourselves, using our words can be both liberating and limiting. When it comes to the latter, we all know the type of person who uses the word loquacious (meaning “talkative” to the rest of us) with self-assured casualness that makes others feel inferior. Or, the type of person who uses seven-too-many industry-specific words to remind you they have three PhDs. Or even: someone who uses the word spectacle instead of skeptical with such a high degree of confidence, no one bats an eyelid. 

Then, there are communities that label every passing thought as a “spiritual download”. Yes, self-development industry, I’m looking at you.

Self-development. Quantum transformation. Spiritual healing. Heart medicine. Call it what you will. Every community has its insider words, and the self-development space is no different. I should put forward that healing work changed my life; I love it, teach it, and believe everyone would benefit from it. Sometimes it’s important to carve out words for ideas and philosophies that describe a new way of thinking or being. 

And sometimes, when you’re scrolling through social media and every second post is a spiritual coach talking at length about holding sovereign goddesses in their healing container, it’s time to take pause. What are you even saying right now? 

To help you make sense of all the noise, here’s a roundup of the 11 most overused, navel-gazing, and at-times ridiculous words that the self-development world loves to use, and what they actually mean.

1. Intuitive hit

In context: “Wow, I just had a major intuitive hit.”

Can be switched out for spiritual download, and accurately used to describe being struck by a lightning bolt of genius insight about yourself. When overused, you are basically just describing all thoughts, all the time. 

2. In relationship 

In context: “I am in relationship with my soul mirror.”

The exclusion of ‘a’ is no mistake. Enlighted folk are not in ‘a’ relationship. We are in relationship with ourselves and each other. And don’t forget the little people, the stars, Saturn, Mother Earth, and your dead grandmother.

3. Energetic fit

In context: “It’s just not an energetic fit.”

The spiritually enlightened way to say “It’s not you, it’s me.” A great way to break up with someone who hasn’t done any healing work.

4. Alignment

In context: “I’m not available for that. It’s not in alignment.”

You’re either in it, or you're not. It’s the evolved way of saying, “That’s a hard pass from me, thanks!”

5. Vibration

In context: “That was a low vibration choice.”

Closely connected to “alignment”. Popularized by the infamous and hideous High vibes only tank tops. Side note: we don’t want high vibes, we want honest vibes. 

6. Wound

In context: “I have a massive, bleeding worthiness wound.”

Can describe anything we’ve identified as a root of our suffering. Works well, but gets a little much when you realise you have 77.

7. Trigger

In context: “Oh my god, I am just so triggered by him.”

Before becoming commonplace, previously used to describe the often negative psychological effects of something that ensue from being exposed to a stressful event. 

Now used to describe the feeling when someone royally fucks you off, and you proceed to have a meltdown. There’s something about the gun-affiliation that feels a little uncouth. Let’s retire this one. We can do better.

8. Conscious

In context: “I’m in such a conscious relationship with myself.”

Sounds really deep, but could be switched out for ‘honest’ in most cases. But that’s what happens when you spend so much time shining light on your unconscious wounds when you are triggered.

9. Human

In context: “The connection felt so human.”

As opposed to…? In all seriousness, when you have an authentic connection with someone, or even an animal, “human” is a good bar to set. On that note…

10. Authentic

In context: “He’s just so authentic.”

You know you’ve made it when someone calls you authentic. Once everyone is authentic, hopefully we can go back to being human. Oh, wait. 

11. Container

In context: “You’ll be held in a safe healing container.”

Really just another way to say a virtual or real space. Walls are implied. Has an important place when establishing trust. Sounds like where my mom houses leftovers. 


If you’ve not done a lick of healing work, please use this resource as you navigate self-development’s choppy waters. And if you’ve done too much healing work (no such thing!), or you work in the industry, perhaps you can loosen up a little and remember that, at the end of the day, the biggest gift we can give the world is being real, honest, and straightforward about who we are, what we do, and what we believe. And coming to terms with the fact that ultimately, we don’t need silly words to do that.

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