The Werk Net

Subscribe to a free community of interactive, video programming that support you and your work.


The Werk Net is a free e-mail subscription of interactive, video programming.

Whether a Pilates class, a chat with a meditation teacher, or a financial literacy seminar – it’s all aimed to support you and your work.

Each week you’ll receive a full roster of sessions that are held on Zoom and led by leaders and experts. In community and in our individual ways, we’ll ask with curiosity: what does it mean to be well?

In this time of isolation, there’s no reason we need to navigate it all alone.

So, we’re here for you. Meet us on The Werk Net.

The Werk Net Events

  • Workshops

    Try something new. Work through a creative prompt. Learn and exchange ideas.

    Whether it’s on “Breathwork” or “Building Self-actualization Skills” or “How to Make a Frittata” our workshops are time for you to connect to self.

  • Talks

    Here, we meet with subject-matter experts and inspiring humans, giving you a podcast vibe but happening in real-time… ‘cause *human engagement* and Q&A’s!

    Subjects have ranged from “Empowered Communication” to “Confronting Fear-based Thinking with Creativity” to “Spirituality, Sexuality, and Sustainability & How it Relates to Our Work”.

  • Practices

    Practice makes progress! Growth takes dedicated time, a mindful approach, and curiosity. We bundle those up into sessions where you can embody your practice.

    Here you’ll find programming like Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation.