Through the highest level of self care - one of introspection and transformation - we are disrupting the future of work.


The Werk highlights the needed paradigm shift in how we perceive, approach and relate to work.

We are here to challenge our conditioned belief that work and life are two separates. We live one life. It's time we engage with our work as such.
We inform and educate in a way that challenges the standard narrative of work culture.


The Werk believes that when we do the work within, the work we put out into the world is the right work we’re meant to be doing.


We are approachable.


We are playful.


We are unapologetic.


We are educational.


We are supportive.

What does it mean to be well?


We write stories and house insights from global subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, healers and inspiring humans.

Below are excerpts from our favourite stories

In "In Residence: Sara Panton of vitruvi"

"But that’s Sara — she enjoys leaving the party at an early hour, and would actually prefer to not to be at the party at all, but instead spending quality time with close friends or hanging out with her giant African turtles that are going to live to be 125 years old (they’re in her will)."

⁠— Christina Disler

In "Stories We Tell Ourselves as Entrepreneurs"

"We choose to become entrepreneurs and launch businesses because our hearts (and egos) believe what we are up to is worthy of peoples’ time and attention. Not surprisingly, when business isn’t booming or the work we want isn’t coming our way, our egos take a hit."

⁠— Liz Hammond

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