5 Podcasts to Get You Out of Your Slump

Get inspired and entertained as the countdown to longer days begins.

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In these modern times, we thrive in a society of self-optimization. Whether signing up for classes at boutique gyms, stocking up on organic kale at Whole Foods, googling facial serums or journaling our goals and dreams – why be fine when we could be amazing?

Motivational podcasts present the ideal scenario for multi-tasking towards becoming the best versions of ourselves. These five picks might inspire you to get the ball rolling on life – whether you’re planking or stuffing a bag of chips into your mouth.

IF YOU WANT: Practical Life Coaching Sessions in Under 20 minutes


This gem of a series features simple life-hacks such as stain removal and maintaining a successful book club, while also diving into deeper themes like ‘How Men Can Have Better Friendships’ or ‘The Darker Side of Screen Time.’ And since no episode exceeds the half hour mark, it’s perfect for short attention spans. 

IF YOU WANT: In-depth interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebs

LISTEN TO: Second Life

Curious to know how Cindy Crawford broke into the modeling scene in the ‘80s, or why Ty Haney launched a successful activewear brand out of her bedroom office? Second Life explores the personal success stories of prominent women, with entrepreneurial wisdom sure to rub off onto your high-waisted jeans.

IF YOU WANT: Financial wisdom that looks beyond budgeting

LISTEN TO: Bad With Money

New York Times best-selling author and comedian Gaby Dunn offers a refreshing approach to money woes. Covering topics such as work cultures in different countries, the psychology behind shopping addiction and advice from financial queen Suze Orman herself – Dunn’s no-BS interviews will make you feel better about your student debt. 

IF YOU WANT: To feel better after an unproductive week

LISTEN TO: How To Fail with Elizabeth Day

Author Elizabeth Day devoted an entire novel to the reassuring concept that many of life’s failures can be good, and further explores this theme with guests on her podcast. Everyone from actors (Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge), novelists, mental health advocates, and philosophers (School of Life’s Alain de Botton) discuss their own struggles – refreshing for when you’re bored of plain old success stories.

IF YOU WANT: A Feel-Good, Uplifting Tale About The Queen of Country

LISTEN TO: Dolly Parton’s America

This one’s a wild card, but bear with me. Radiolab creator Jad Abumrad dives deep into the personal and musical history of America’s beloved Dolly Parton. This 12-part journalistic series is both empowering and wildly entertaining, and proves that she is more of a feminist icon than you might have thought.

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