How to Feel Empowered Through an Abundant Mindset

Adopting this way of thinking is an act of generosity to ourselves and others.

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It comes as no surprise that 2020 has presented us with a set of unforeseen challenges. As a result, merely waking up and moving out of our warm, comfortable beds every morning has become an act of bravery. Before we open our eyes and scroll through what we cannot control, it can be empowering to take time for ourselves. There is a moment in the everyday where we get to decide what mindset we will choose: that of scarcity, or that of abundance?

What is an abundant mindset?

The abundant mindset is one that focuses on opportunity instead of limits. The word “abundance” is defined as plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.” Those who have adopted the abundance mindset believe that through a practice of self-awareness, we can positively influence who and what we attract into our lives.

What is a scarcity mindset?

Scarcity, as a mindset, has become the default for most of us living in the West. Tied heavily to capitalism, the scarcity mindset focuses on what we don’t have, rather than the gifts we do have. We devalue what we have in favor of what we believe we need. This way of thinking puts us in the backseat and allows our minds to instead be driven by fear. We can think of the abundance mindset as the half-full glass, and the scarcity mindset as that same glass, but half empty. Generally speaking, we would all like to see our cup runneth over...but how?

1. Pay attention to your thoughts:

One beneficial way of moving our minds into abundance is by listening to our thoughts objectively – how we speak to ourselves. Like hearing our voices played back to us, mining our thoughts can be jarring, but very helpful. Are our thoughts empowering us to grow? Do we focus on what is abundant in our lives? Are we operating out of fear of scarcity?

2. Listen to what you say to others:

The way we speak to others will undoubtedly affect who and what we bring into our lives. If we spread messages of encouragement, we are bound to receive positive feedback from others in return. 

Scarcity implies that there is not enough to go around, and so we have to fight for what little there is. Instead, people who adhere to the philosophy of abundance believe that there is abundant opportunity for everyone. This takes away the fear of feeling threatened by others; therefore, we are free to give of ourselves generously.

3. Focus on abundance:

By concentrating on the things we have, we build upon the belief in our abilities. This practice encourages us to acknowledge the richness in our lives, something that too often goes ignored. Rather than see ourselves as victims of circumstance, we instead focus on our resilience. So, abundance is not ignoring the challenges we face in our lives but is instead the ability of taking control of how we process that information. An abundant mindset means that no matter the obstacles, we believe that we have the resources to confront them, and so, to move into prosperity.

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