Cultivating Calm on Your Commute

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Connor Burns

On your way to work, a practice to guide you in

What would your day-to-day work life look like if you held a deeper self-awareness, along with the tools to mindfully maintain balance? Consider this a step in the right direction towards a healthier self inside and outside the bounds of work. The most important aspect of developing a grounding practice is to allow whatever might be spinning around in your head to continue, and to feel what experiencing this does to your body.  Sit with that for a moment. Feel your way through distraction, confusion and anxiety. 

To continue your grounding practice and arrive to work feeling centred and ready to take on the day, move through the following steps:

Close your eyes, place your left hand on your heart and right hand on your lower abdomen

Feel in your left hand the rhythm of your heart, the rhythm of your life.  Experience your heart’s beat so intimately. What a good friend, keeping us alive every day

Now feel the natural rise and fall of your abdomen with your right hand, if you’d like you could slow down the breath to a soothing and deep swelling inhale & exhale

Note that this breath is the flow of your existence. The combination of these two functions is excellence and perfection in motion. Your existence is a masterpiece 

The truth of "this moment" that you’ve created, is that everything is functioning just as it was intended by Mother Nature, or God, the Universe, etc. It is only through the drama of our minds that we suffer. This is an essential understanding in Buddhism and in meditation practice. When we sit with our emotions and feel deeply, we begin to understand the information they hold. There is no need for anything fancy here—no app, no teacher, no studio. In fact, the greatest teacher is within you. Listen, breathe and hold your experience in the gentle embrace of your breath.

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