The Importance of Our Astrological Sun Sign

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Siri Romero

Understanding your astrological sun sign 

Astrology is a beautiful tool that can be used to support your self-exploration. It can help you better understand yourself and the people around you. Your birth horoscope (birth chart or natal chart) is a snapshot of your own energetic field that was taken at the moment of your birth. The Sun in Astrology represents our core energy, our innate strength and our personality. Your sun sign can tell you about the lessons you’re here to learn, and the gifts you have to offer to the world. 

The sun is the life-giving force of our planet, the center of our universe, and every planet in our galaxy. Our sun sign dictates what we wear and what motivates us, and what we are naturally interested in. The sun is perfectly positioned for everyone to see its light. It nourishes every life and provides us with vitamin D. The sun doesn’t care to ask permission from the other planets to come out, be front and center or to shine its light onto our world. It simply comes out unapologetically and shines it’s light for everyone to see and feel its warmth. We wouldn’t survive without our sun’s light, which supports and sustains all life on our planet. Think of everything that depends on it, every tree, plant, and growing thing—including YOU.  With this said, you may begin to understand the importance of embracing and developing your sun sign.

 Our sun sign is the core energy that fuels and strengthens us to shine entirely as ourselves with no fear.

Astrologically, its glyph is the sun— a circle with a dot in the middle, which represents you as the center of your own world. You have the power to either light up your world or dim your light. Our higher self is this very authentic essence of pure light, and you only need to go within and let its light guide you. Expressing the sign in which we are born under helps us feel alive, seen, and ultimately leads us to our path of authenticity. 

Understanding your sun sign, and what house it is in, can help you express your core energy as you were intended to. The location of your sun in your natal chart is key to understanding your core energy and livelihood. If our sun is that which provides life and helps sustain us, then our own sun sign is important to our development if we want to experience a more happy and vibrant life. 

Becoming aware of what your sun sign represents can help you express your vitality and the house that it’s in, tells you where it wants to shine. Let’s say you’re an Aries sun sign—you’re meant to be active, energetic, and physical. Aries are lovers of new things, are all about the self and are highly independent. The Aries sun sign is in the eleventh house, meaning it shines brightest when organizing groups for a certain cause and thrives when in a social setting. They are brave warriors who stand up and fight for our collective injustices. 

Where do you shine and what feeds your core energy? 

“When I let go of what I am I become what I might be.” - Sun Tzu 

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