Black Lives Matter

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The Werk aims to highlight the needed paradigm shift in how we perceive, approach, and relate to work - though we have yet to explicitly acknowledge that this desired paradigm shift is most needed by black lives.

In order to move towards something new, we must be honest about where we are: complicit to the systems of power and oppression that disproportionately affect black folks, in matters of life or death.

It is our duty that we, at The Werk, use our words, actions, and means to truly be a part of this shift. We are committed to being actively accountable in our anti-racism work - and there is a lot of work to do.

Inspired by the dialogue here on Instagram, we will be cancelling our scheduled programming on The Werk Net and will not be posting content this week - instead taking the time to listen, learn, and reflect as an organization, on what our commitment looks like, moving forward.

This is no longer business as usual - now is the time for collective action as we move towards a paradigm where, unconditionally, black lives matter.

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